(Previously Sarah Bowman Answers: A collection of my best answers to life’s questions.)

New name, same blog. The goal of this blog is to collect good answers to life’s questions. Currently, I am also posting answers written by others. A new blog name was called for. I will leave the original intro for now so people know where they are. -June 14 2021

Welcome to Sarah Bowman Answers

The blog of a bicultural 60+

We all see the world through the lenses of our own lives. Maybe that’s what I should have named this blog–Life Lenses, especially with all the photos in the sidebar and at the bottom to show the “lenses” of my life. But in December 2016 when I set it up, I didn’t know how to post these fancy widgets; all I wanted was a place to collect my internet writings from various forums, the most recent at the time being a Q&A site called Quora.com. People posted questions and I was one of the people who wrote answers. When it came time to choosing a name for my blog, and it comes quite early in the process of setting up a blog, all I could think of was Sarah Bowman Answers.

Several years later–it’s currently April 2020–I still think that’s a good name because it’s my answers and not someone else’s. See the About page. However, the more I write the more I realize how important one’s life experiences are to the way one sees the world. In addition, pictures are worth a thousand words; hence the photos. Click on them for captions and stories, as the case may be.

For interested parties, except for the “My Life” sidebar on the About page and my profile photo, I took all of these photos myself with my own camera. Let’s see, the photo I am currently using for my profile was taken by my cousin in 2013.

Country Drive_Oct. 13 2019 065

Great Falls at Smokey Hollow on Bruce Trail. We did not go to the bottom of the falls so it did not look as “great” as in this photo. To see the view we saw, scroll down to the photo for “view from platform.”

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