Good Without God

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, exChristian, atheist Humanist, writer/researcher, dog-owner

Here’s what I learned in a secular Christian college:

  • You can do whatever you like so long as you don’t hurt self or others.
  • Your rights end where another person’s begin.

Golden Rule

To that, I add the Golden Rule for general purposes: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Since we don’t all like the same things, I adjust that to: Treat people as they want to be treated so long as it does not violate anyone’s values, including my own.


And yes, I do have some strong values. I just listed some. To these, I could add honesty, kindness, fairness, learning all you can and applying that knowledge wisely to life. That’s what comes to mind at the moment, though I’m sure the list is not exhaustive.

Dopamine: Feel-Good Neurotransmitter

For those who don’t know, the brain releases something called dopamine when we do good; dopamine makes us feel good. This is a strong motivator for humans to behave well, with or without religion.

That is a very simplistic explanation of dopamine. For more information, see Functions of Dopamine: What is Dopamine and How Does It Affect you?


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