Dogs and Riches

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, raised on the farm, cats helped control mice and rats in feed bins & graneries.

In 2010 I brought my dog home to a basement apartment where we lived happily for many years. It had small cellar windows but we could see out if we were in the right spot. Last winter we moved to an apartment on the main floor and have very large windows. From a general human perspective, it’s an upgrade in every way. But my poor dog is having the time of its life getting adjusted.

There’s people passing our window at the back. There’s people passing our door in the hallway. There’s birds and squirrels and cats and other dogs on its territory out the back. Does she enjoy all these self-appointed guarding duties? Well, I kinda think maybe she does. But it’s awfully noisy for me and my neighbours. So I’ve been teaching her not to bark—which is stressful for both of us.

Is she happier here in this posh (compared to the basement) apartment? I don’t think so. She has never gotten along with other dogs. I don’t think she likes having to share her territory with six other dogs.

Now if I were really wealthy and could give her an entire acre of woodland and backyard to roam off-leash and hunt small game, she would probably be happier than she was in the basement.


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