Blogging About Vacation

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, Writer & Researcher, volunteer at Atheist Secular Humanism

They key word is “interesting.” The thing that makes any writing interesting is emotions—personal impressions, opinions, likes and dislikes—expressed passionately. Don’t say, “I love, Love, LOVE the mountains!” That just tells us you’re feeling very passionate. Unless we’ve been in the mountains, however, we won’t know what it is about the mountains that you love.

Describe the colours, the lines/shapes, the sounds, the scents. Sight, sound, touch, smell, taste. Those are the five senses that most people have in common. The better you can share through sensual experience, the more interesting your blog will be. Compare unusual things (sights, sounds, etc.) with something familiar to your readers. Take photos and videos.

WARNING: If you post personal opinions, the more controversial the better for traffic, you make yourself very vulnerable. We Canadians are a proud people—Proud to be Canadian, as one of our slogans says. We’re quite adept at slamming negative opinions about pretty much anything that bears our name. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, and maybe the younger generation is more diplomatic. However, since I made the suggestion re what’s interesting, I feel responsible to warn that the most interesting stuff can potentially turn and bite you.

Having said that: Welcome to Canada! Hope you have a great time!


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