Real Writers vs Wannabe Writers

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, attended workshops, writing groups, read & write constantly, novel-in-progress


When people ask this kind of question before they start writing, I don’t think they will ever turn into a writer. A writer writes, creatively or otherwise. A writer learns on the fly. A writer rewrites twenty times, if needed, without blinking. A writer seeks out books and websites on how to write. But mostly, a writer writes, doing his/her best to write interestingly and clearly. They can’t help it. It just comes out.

Wannabe writers ask the kind of question you are asking, approaching it like a new course in college that they can decide to pick up or let go, depending on the requirements. There seems to be a prestige attached to being a writer that I don’t understand. Writing is really hard work and someone who makes it big deserves the rewards they get. They’ve done the work.


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