Bible: Capitalist or Socialist

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, I’ve read the Bible, still read it, and also secular stuff.

I think you can find justification for capitalism as well as for socialism in the Bible. Some of the people in the New Testament Church were wealthy people who owned large houses and slaves. Also businesses. If that is not capitalism, what is? In the very early Jerusalem Church (Acts 2:44; Acts 4:32) they had all things in common, socialism or communism. But it didn’t work out in the long term when people started selling stuff and keeping the proceeds in secret.

Abraham, the father of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, was a very wealthy man owning thousands of head of livestock. So were his sons Ishmael and Isaac, and his grandsons Esau and Jacob. Also his kinsman Laban. Likewise Job. All of these mighty men had large numbers of men working for them. Possibly entire villages of servants/slaves with their families followed them as they moved about the desert finding food for their herds. Abraham had enough men at his disposal to fight the local kings.

Obviously, the words capitalism and socialism do not appear in the Bible. They are concepts developed in recent centuries.


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