Apocalypse: Second Coming, Nuclear, or Environmental?

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, Atheist, Ex-Christian, Secular Humanist, non-religious, just your average human

You’re asking me? I don’t believe in gods who can end the world or universe or who can come again in a second coming. If that is what you mean by the apocalypse, then I simply don’t believe in it. I do assume scientists may be onto something when they say the sun will burn out billions of years down the road but I don’t worry about that. I will be dead for so many billions of years by then that it could not possibly affect me or my loved ones.

The only kind of “apocalypse” that does niggle at the back of my mind is a nuclear holocaust or environmental catastrophe of some sort due to human negligence in caring for our planet. Somehow, Christians are so obsessed with the Second Coming at the turn of the next calendar page, something that has consistently failed to materialize for the past two thousand years despite Jesus’ explicit prophecy, that they discount the very real problem of climate change and global warming.

So, my trolling friend, this conversation is going nowhere and you may as well go back hide under the rock you climbed out from under.


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