Fond Mennonite Memories

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, born & raised horse and buggy Mennonite till age 40

I’m a former horse-and-buggy Mennonite and know very few Amish people. However, I get the impression that for the wider world, “Amish” is a catch-all phrase for the entire culture of horse-and-buggy people, no matter what their denomination. Thus, I will answer here.

I loved driving my horse on the open buggy summer and winter. I loved the farm, working with the animals. I loved my garden and working the soil. I loved being close to nature. In looking back, when I was in my garden, I was between the soil and the sky, at the mercy of the elements. I depended on my garden for a significant portion of my annual income and I depended on the elements to produce the garden goodies that I sold.

Those are memories that stand out as being special: the drives on the open buggy to and from my various part time jobs, and working in my huge garden.


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