Finding Friends in University

I am cs student. after almost 3 years I have no serious friends in university. I am an introvert. I feel weird to mix with others but sometime I try to mix with my friends but they ignore me. Even they dnt txt or call me if there is no need. If I call or text them they dnt even respond.

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, Writer & Researcher, volunteer at Atheist Secular Humanism

Been there, done that. University is transitory. Focus on your life goals, your grades, on graduating. Keep in touch with old friends and family if you have any. Say hello to anyone you meet who appears friendly but don’t necessarily stop to chat or expect to have lunch with them. But if things turn out that way, hey, the human contact will cheer you.

More ideas: Ask the person next to you in the caff how they are doing in an assignment or activity you have in common. If you don’t know them but they appear not to be occupied, say hello and ask what program they’re taking.

If they don’t want to talk, remind yourself that they might be tired or overwhelmed by life or something; don’t take it personally. Try talking to the next person. Most of all, put away your electronic devices, make human voice and eye contact. I repeat, the contact will make you feel good.

But keep your focus on graduating, getting on with life. If you are in your third year you will soon be out of there. Forget those people who can’t be bothered to respond to you. They’re not your friends.


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