Canada Fifty Years Later

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Anyone remember Centennial Year?

I’m sure many older Canadian do. It was 1967 and Canada turned ONE HUNDRED years old! In my mind, Centennial Year and Trudeau go together but I looked it up just now and I see Pierre Elliot Trudeau was elected prime minister the following year in 1968.

I’ll never forget the hype and celebrations of Centennial Year. I was proud to be Canadian and secretly felt fortunate to be in public school–it was the only place I ever heard or saw a thing about Centennial Year and this great and wonderful country we had become. My mother was disgusted by the hype and said, “One good thing about it–it won’t happen again in our lifetime!”

And it didn’t. Not in hers. She died ten years ago so she escaped the hype and celebrations of Canada 150. Glad I’m still around. I find it very interesting to see how this new generation celebrates the same thing a mere fifty years later. I can’t believe it’s fifty years–the memories of 1967 remain so vivid. Here’s a great article: In 1967, change in Canada could no longer be stopped

To illustrate the changing times, compare the two logos below: Logo of Canada’s centennial celebrations in 1967 (left; from the logo for Canada 150 (right; from After counting the parts of the logo for Canada 150–and finding thirteen, I understood the change since 1967. We now have thirteen provinces and territories. Centennial Year Logo represented ten provinces and two territories.

Oh, and last fall we elected Trudeau to the Office of Prime Minister, just like 49 years ago. I found photos of Trudeau the First (Pierre, 1975; and Trudeau the Second (Justin; from…/trudeau-pope-photo_n_1687250…). Good thing my mother’s gone if she had such a distaste for this kind of thing; it lets me more fully absorb and enjoy it in my own way.


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