Case Against the Bible

I am an agnostic who denies the Bible as absolute truth. I recently got into a debate with a fundamentalist Christian over this and while I did have some convincing, knowledgeable points, I realized I would like to know more for the sake of knowing and also compelling others.

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, I’ve read the Bible, still read it, and also secular stuff.

I can think of a few fairly simple places to begin your research, topics that are reasonably simple to prove the Bible false.

  1. origins of the universe and life on earth
  2. global flood and Noah’s ark
  3. historical Jesus and his resurrection

Another topic is morality and a Bible God who commits genocide as well as condemns for eternity to the fire pit of hell all who fail to believe in him or obey him.

Entire books and libraries have been written on these topics so you can probably find more information if you type a question for each of these topics into Quora and/or Google. Regarding No. 1 above, I can recommend the website Talk Origins for starters: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy.

Debates between non-believers and William Lane Craig, a prominent mouthpiece for evangelical Christianity these days, may help sharpen your own insights and debate skills. Here are links for a video and transcript for one such debate:

For a large list of non-believer sources, see Atheist Sites Directory; I can recommend The Secular Web ( described thus:

This is one of the oldest, largest, and most comprehensive freethought resources on the internet. Established in 1995, it contains many articles by prominent scholars, scientists, and historians. The articles cover almost every aspect of the atheism versus religion debate, as well as many related topics in the fields of science, religion and history. This is an excellent resource not only for someone who is just learning about atheism, but also for anyone interested in doing research on the subject., online forums to support former Christians, contains a large number of personal experience accounts. My favourite sections, from which I have learned so much about dealing with fundamentalist Christians, are:

  • Testimonies of Former Christians
  • Rants and Replies
  • Ex-Christian Life

Somewhere there might be a how-to book or article on talking sense with fundies but most of us normally conclude at some point that talking to fundamentalist Christians is pointless. In the meantime, I did find it therapeutic for quite a number of years to wrestle the issues via debate; it helped me personally settle in my own mind that I made the right decision.


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