Predominant Life Philosophies

I’ve noticed there’a a HUGE disproportion of atheists on Quora. It seems like if I were to click a random quoran’s profile, chances are they are a atheist. Why does Quora attract people of this mindset?

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, I’ve read the Bible, still read it, and also secular stuff.

Frankly, I think questions like these come from American Christians, people for whom the known universe exists within the boundaries of the United States. That is unrealistic when discussing the average Quoran. Why? I notice that we have many ethnicities on Quora, especially from various parts of Asia, including India. I think I’ve also seen posts from all the other inhabitable continents.

While there are theist religions of various types such as Hindu and Islam in some of these countries, others are predominantly Buddhist and the debate is on-going whether Buddhism is a theist or atheist religion since it has no god or gods. I’m unsure, can the same perhaps be said of the Chinese?

To calculate how well a certain religion or life philosophy is represented in a global community like Quora, in my opinion we need to take into consideration the entire spectrum of world religions and life philosophies. By looking at a few surveys, I conclude that perhaps up to a quarter of the world’s population is atheist of some stripe. That being the case, in addition to the fact that the voice of atheists are generally suppressed in the English-speaking public sphere, it should come as no surprise that on a neutral site like Quora they are visible. So are theists with their obvious evangelizing missions.

Here are a few surveys/charts to check out:


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