Parents Playing Favourites

I’m 15 and female, and he’s 9. They call me dramatic whenever i even talk of my life, yet always are hard on me for schooling. If anything happens they automatically blame me and yell at me, but don’t to my brother. Nor am I trusted for no reason. My room gets searched randomly.

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, studied family dynamics formally and informally all my life

Sounds a lot like my childhood, though of course with important differences. To see what my life was like, see my answer to Why are there so many people who have one or more siblings told me that they wish that they are the only child?

My answer to you: There is probably nothing you can do to change the situation. Accept it. Focus on learning from others how to be a good person. Be glad that you get to go to high school, something I was denied and still regret. Being at school will expose you to all kinds of other people, letting you learn about other families and their values and make friends outside the family. In other words, you are not imprisoned with your family 24/6 like I was—I had Sundays off.


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