On Sharing the Gospel

my grandparents both had a catholic background, my grandmother now doesn’t even allow a bible in her house, believing the one we have now is not really “God’s bible” and believes if you’re a good person, you’ll go to heaven. how can I share the gospel, without seeming high and mighty with my elders?

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, I’ve read the Bible, still read it, and also secular stuff.

You will automatically seem “high and mighty with your elders” if you evangelize, i.e. “share the gospel.” Everyone has a right to their personal beliefs and opinions but imposing them on others, especially one’s parents and grandparents, is unacceptable. According to the Ten Commandments in the Bible, one should honour and obey one’s parents, i.e. elders.

I realize your religion tells you that “sharing the Gospel” is loving but a special definition of “love” is required to see it that way; the normal kind of “love” and “respect” that humans all understand does not apply. That raises the question: Exactly how is it loving if normal humans do not experience it as loving?

Here’s an example from real life. A guy was being reprimanded by his church for something he felt he had to do—divorce his wife, if I remember correctly. The church members told him they were doing reprimanding in love. “If that is love,” he told them bitterly, “I want nothing to do with it.”

Now if you want to disobey a lot of other commandments in the Bible, such as the Golden Rule that teaches to treats other like you want to be treated, go and tell people what to believe. Tell them they’ll go to hell if they don’t believe as you do, disrupt their pleasant times of friendship after school or on the street by preaching to them about Jesus as their personal Savior and going to hell if they don’t do your ritual prayer and likewise disrupt life as we know it. You will be persecuted for “Jesus’ sake” if you act in this obnoxious manner, which persecution I understand is something “Gospel sharers” seek.

I wash my hands. You requested my answer but I’m an atheist and Secular Humanist who believes in treating people humanely, kindly, as I hope to be treated in return IN THIS LIFE ON THIS EARTH. I have much respect for your grandmother who holds to the very old tradition of the RCC re not needing a Bible to know God’s will. It seems so similar to Secular Humanism, which also does not need a “bible” to inform one of ethical or moral correctness. Don’t mess with what’s right in this world, okay?


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