“God” Fails The Test

There are many on Quora that don’t hesitate to advise us, and God, that they know better who and what He should be and do, if He’d just listen to them(!).

He’s the creator and is entitled to be who and what His (vastly) superior design, intelligence and judgement dictates.

He’s entitled…

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, Humanist studied theology, social work, some philosophy, anthropology

To answer your question re what right we have to expect God to conform to our ideas of who he is or should be. If the observable tangible reality would only agree with your claims, and if God would only do what he (via the Bible, preachers, and believers) says he will do, I am quite sure I would be a believer. The problem is that the claims, promises, and threats don’t live up to the lived reality of the real world as experienced by the majority of human beings. As for your accusation that I’m advising your God—that’s ridiculous! Advising an entity we think is no more real than the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus? I don’t think so. Children may think Santa answers their letters to the North Pole, but we atheists who once were Christians have put away childish things (1 Cor. 13:11).

So why do I think God should do what he says? Why do I feel I have a right to expect him to deliver on his promises and threats and prophecies? How could a mere human have the presumption to expect “God” to conform with the lived reality of human beings? It’s all there in your little sermon. If God made us—me—he also made me the way I am, with a brain to analyze reality and the world around me. He gave me the intelligence to know that if the Bible does not agree with the world as it presents itself to my personal senses, then there is a problem. This brain and intelligence he supposedly gave me also informs me that if many or most people experience the world as I do, then the problem is not my personal perception but possibly the message of the Bible.

Since no one has yet presented the person of God or in any way proven his existence, I think I have a perfect right to rely on the evidence I do have for my life decisions. Doing otherwise feels like jumping off a cliff with the confidence that I can fly if only I believe I can.


One thought on ““God” Fails The Test

  1. Excellent answers – yours are always to the point, irrefutable, and compelling.
    A future generation of thinkers will discover your words and know that there were a few people down here who weren’t complete dummies.

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