Internet Safety: Kids and Perverts

I want to use my real name, but they think that I’d be putting myself out too much… And yes, I know about BNBR and Quora policies.

Is there a way to convince them that it’s ok?

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, studied family dynamics formally and informally all my life

Let me ask you a couple questions.

  1. If you don’t expect people to connect your name on Quora with the real you, why is it important for you to use your real name? I mean, if no one connects your name with “you” then no one will recognize that it’s you who posts stuff so why have your name out there anyway? On the other hand, if you expect your friends to make the connection, then the very real possibility exists for other people to make the connection too.
  2. Some really bad people are out there and will take advantage of kids who post on the internet. What tricks do you know that they use to draw in young people? How do you intend to protect yourself against these people and their tricks? Often these young people (that they draw in) end up being used for child pornography projects or worse.

I apologize if I revealed too much of the real world and its horrors in my last sentence but this, I believe, is why your parents won’t let you use your real name. I think it is what they mean about “putting yourself out there too much,” and that you should be grateful for such protective parents. Respect their wishes and use a pseudonym. You can always tell your best buddies that such-and-such a name is you.


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