Why Did Jesus Die?

Just reading an atheist answer that in spite of this supposed God’s omnipotence, he allowed his only Son to be nailed to a cross. This God, in the fables we’ll call them, wasn’t contradicting himself, but demonstrating his enormous compassion for mankind.

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, Writer & Researcher, volunteer at Atheist Secular Humanism

How did Jesus’ death demonstrate God’s love for humanity? I mean, Jesus died supposedly to open the way to heaven for human souls. However, Jesus’ body was physical. His death was physical. Souls are spiritual entities and heaven is a spiritual place. Physical matter like bodies and earth is always “lower” than spiritual, no matter what kind of philosophy you hold to. HOW DOES JESUS’ DEATH OPEN THE WAY TO HEAVEN FOR HUMAN SOULS? This question burned into my mind the first time I heard the story as a child and it would not go away.

  1. How does Jesus’ death make it possible for us to go to heaven? Don’t talk to me about sacrifice because a perfect and powerful God can forgive without sacrifice, human or otherwise. Don’t talk to me about ancient Jewish custom because a God who knows everything knows that a plan of salvation that “works” must make sense to all generations, even the most educated and intellectual of the 21st century.
  2. What changed in the universe when Jesus died and rose again so that humans can now go to heaven, but could not otherwise? I mean, a merciful God could not ask anyone—his son or anyone else—to die a long and painful death except as a last resort when there was no other way. That God asked his son to do this meant there was no other way; something fundamental changed in the universe when Jesus died. What was that?

That burning question, and the lies of professions of faith that went with it, tortured me for forty years. Only when I let go of Christianity and belief in God did I find peace. Personal integrity brought that peace.

To answer your question: Is the idea of a God who is willing to become flesh to suffer alongside humans absurd to atheists? It’s beside the point.


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