Listing Authors in Bibliographies

Let’s say you don’t personally like the first author, but you still want to cite the work, can you cite, (Second Author, et al. 20XX). and still be APA correct?

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, Writer & Researcher, volunteer at Atheist Secular Humanism

APA aside, in a formal bibliography you must list the authors as they appear on the cover or in the front of the book, or at the start of the article. Remember, you are doing this so your readers can look them up. If you muddle the references, you make it difficult for your readers. If in your quotes and references (in the text of your own work) you wish to credit one author for his/her contribution to your insight on the topic, that is quite appropriate; give credit where credit is due. But when formally listing your sources you need to stick with the way the publishers listed them for the sake of your readers who may wish to look the sources up for themselves.


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