Immoral Behaviour: Committed by the Religious or by Atheists?

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, Atheist, Ex-Christian, Secular Humanist, non-religious, just your average human

What immoral behaviour and sins? According to prison records, it seems it’s the religious people who commit the immoral—at least illegal—behaviour and sins. Also, I understand the biggest divorce rates come from evangelical Protestants. Likewise abortions or unwanted pregnancies. Apparently it’s the people who are rebelling against God who commit the most immoral behaviour and sins. Atheists don’t have to “deny” God’s existence. We simply lack belief in the existence of divine authority and take the responsibility upon ourselves to decide that being good is the best way to a peaceful world and just society. During the 20th century a few egotistical national leaders in the Eastern Hemisphere did commit enormous atrocities, with or without religion. The 21rst century started off with Christians and Muslim warlords terrorizing and fighting each other, each in the name of their own Divine Authority. But your average neighbourhood atheist is a good friendly hardworking person no different from yourself.


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