Atheism Defined

I think this is false. Atheism is also the belief that God doesn’t exist. It also involves the claim that religions are wrong and there is lack of credible evidence for God and such views are also held by some agnostic atheists. I wonder why atheists distance themselves from belief. Comments?

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, Humanist studied theology, social work, some philosophy, anthropology

I think you confuse what individual atheists may or may not believe about God and religion with the definition of the word “atheism.” The most comprehensive definition today is “lack of belief in God or gods.” But that in itself is nihilistic and the human intellect will not exist in a vacuum. Atheists, or humans lacking belief in God or gods, find some other set of nonreligious ethics by which they guide their moral lives whether secular humanism or some other life philosophy. That, I suppose, gives the questioner the impression that atheists believe all the things the one atheist does he or she knows.

You ask, “Why do atheists distance themselves from belief?” If you truly want to know, I suggest you put aside your judgmentalism and read the Testimonies section of Ex-Christian.Net with an open and inquiring mind.


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