Creator of Time and Space: God vs Avalanche

Sarah Bowman

How do you know that it takes a logical mind to “make” time and space? Ever heard of or seen an avalanche? It makes good time careering down the mountain and it makes space as it goes.

Ever seen the intricate designs left behind in the sand or snow by flood or wind?

If you understand how atoms are built you should also understand the natural causes for avalanches and designs in sand and snow. If you want to, you can also learn how evolution works and make positive sense of Lawrence Kraus’s book A Universe from Nothing.

As for this statement in your comment: Most atheists cannot follow the predicate logic of creation. They are steeped in a persona with basic opinions.

That sounds like a personal opinion on your part attacking a group of people you disagree with. Not very mature, huh?


One thought on “Creator of Time and Space: God vs Avalanche

  1. If only appeals to reason, logic and the scientific method could win the day but alas, no. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate your efforts, it’s just that the triggering mechanism for a world view reset is quite elusive.


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