Prophecy: Interpretation

Sarah Bowman

Sarah Bowman, I’ve read the Bible, still read it, and also secular stuff.

I don’t know how to interpret prophecy. I suspect “fulfilled” prophecy was written after the fact or that it was coincidence. I further suspect that unfulfilled prophecy, or prophecy regarding the future, is not to be taken seriously because it is so general that it can be applied to pretty much any situation in any century. End-of-the-world or doomsday prophecies are one example. For thousands of years, at least since New Testament times, the end of the world has been prophesied. At all the times the world was thought to be near its end, it seemed very realistic for people to believe it earnestly and genuinely to be true that the end was about to occur. I do not believe that anyone was making things up; it really did seem like things on earth were so dire that the world could not continue much longer. Yet it did.

Some empires rose and other empires fell. People died but others were born. Morals shifted but humanity continued. From the rubble of fallen empires rose new entrepreneurs. Humanity, and the planet, continue to stand to this day. Will it continue to stand forever? Probably not. The sun will probably burn out some billions of years down the road. But not within the lifetimes of our great-great-great grandchildren or their direct descendants.

So that pretty much exhausts one line of prophecy interpretation. I have had no better luck with any other line. I just live from one day to the next, making plans based on what one expects if things continue as they have so far. Planning for contingencies such as illness or death is a good part of sound planning. That has been proven many times. But that is the extent to which I am able to interpret prophecy.


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