“Religious Freedom” a Weapon for the Powerful

Originally posted Dec 22 2014.

This young woman told her employers that she was using in vitro fertilization (IVF) and they employed her anyway. Trouble came only when a higher authority decided she was a grave immoral sinner and her teaching contract for the next term at at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School was not renewed. She then lost her job at the Catholic where she was teaching. The jury of the resulting trial decided in her favour but the RCC will not take this lying down.

        The diocese intends to appeal the jury’s verdict to the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeal, with attorney John Theisen stating the case remains an issue of religious freedom, and that exemptions in civil rights laws for religious employers should have protected the diocese from the unfavorable verdict.


So now we have the most powerful church in the world appealing to religious freedom. Oh the irony! It is my understanding that “religious freedom” was originally a term used by less powerful citizens seeking protection from powerful church authorities such as those of the Roman Catholic Church. That the diocese leaders now want to appeal a verdict on the basis of “religious freedom” is twisted. What was once the protection of the weak has become the weapon of the powerful.


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