Atheists Tortured and Killed for Convictions

The Situation Today in Bangladesh & Canada, originally posted elsewhere May 6, 2013

Ex-Bangladeshi atheist blogger Sharif Ahmed is currently seeking refugee status in Canada and attended our monthly brunch in March. Canada’s Foreign Minister John Baird has said the Office of Religious Freedom is required only to defend people of religious minorities, and that atheists don’t need protection. In this video, Sharif Ahmed is being interviewed by Centre for Inquiry, Canada about the torture and near-killing he experienced for being an atheist in Bangladesh and Malaysia. He says atheists are being killed in large numbers.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think the “joy of the Lord” beams from this man’s face. Since he has suffered so much–and continues in an extremely tenuous situation–for not having the joy of the Lord, I think he stands as witness to the fact that inner joy and peace is available to all who are true to themselves and their conscience.

Attacked Ex-Bangladeshi Atheist Blogger Sharif Ahmed Speaks Out Unfortunately this video is no longer online but his testimony continues to speak to the world to this day.


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