The Sacred Language

Since the Holy Spirit chose Greek for the New Testament to be written, would you say in this sense Greek language is somewhat sacred

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, studied Arts and Humanities at University of Waterloo (2003)

The purpose of language is to communicate thoughts and ideas and commands from one person to another. Every language, past and present, has been used for that purpose. Sacred texts have been written in many languages, and sacred oral traditions have been handed down for generations in probably all human languages. How to label any language sacred is beyond me. I understand that this or that language seems sacred to a given person or people for specific reasons but I do not believe that any human language is sacred in the cosmic sense.

Now I see the second part of the question regarding the Holy Spirit “choosing” Greek for the language of the New Testament. That’s an odd statement. Greek was the language of the people of the day for the educated people in the part of the world in which the New Testament was written. Why wouldn’t they write in Greek?

Your question is like asking whether English is the best language to describe computer commands, since Microsoft and other Silicone Valley companies all write in English. Major portions of the world’s computer users speak languages other than English and in another two thousand years English may have died out, yet records will show that during the starburst of the computer age English was the universal language of technology. We all know the reason for this is that Silicone Valley is in the heart of an English-speaking continent. Using Chinese or Spanish, for example, or Latin (to be like medicine and religion) would be extra complicated. Likewise, using some other language than Greek to write the New Testament would have been unnecessarily complicated if not impossible.

So did the Holy Spirit “choose” Greek? I doubt it very much and I doubt it even more that Greek can be considered a sacred language by anyone except a certain type of devout Christians; certain other devout Christians would consider Latin to be the sacred language.


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