Dog Needs Reward

He is a 9 year old Boxer. Recently, his hind legs have become weak, hence we have gotten him a dog wheelchair. We have tested his capability of walking with the contraption using the incentive of a treat. The results are overwhelmingly positive. Without that however, he refuses to walk. What to do?

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, trained my problem rescue dog for safe walking in crowded public spaces

See Cesar’s Way website. Maybe he posted ideas. My suggestion is to keep on with the treats until your dog is comfortable using the wheelchair and looks forward to walks again. An older dog takes more time to train. You may also wish to check with your vet to be sure the dog is not experiencing any discomfort or pain, making walks difficult and uncomfortable. As humans, we are sometimes willing to work hard, even suffer discomfort and pain, if we are paid or rewarded enough. But if there’s no reward, we haven’t got the stamina. Dogs are not much different.


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