Age of Human Race by Biblical Reference

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, I’ve read the Bible, still read it, and also secular stuff.

If you take the biblical time frames literally, from the creation described in Genesis 1 until the present would be roughly seven thousand years. That belief is called “Young Earth Creationism” (YEC). Humans were created on the sixth day in Genesis 1. Some people who wish to corroborate evolution with Genesis 1 believe that the term “day” should be understood metaphorically, that each “day” actually equals a massive geological period. These people accept a form of God-directed evolution called Intelligent Design (ID). In ID or God-directed evolution, with humans evolving in the sixth period, the human race is a great deal older than in YEC.

CONTROVERSY: Does YEC or ID take the Bible correctly as its reference?

EDIT: Martin Hill in a comment below informs me of a Christian hypothesis called “progressive creation model” which accepts that the universe is 13.7 billion years old but not via evolution. See his comment(s) for more details, as well as the article listed below.

Since this question regards the age of the human race, and is not about the difference between Intelligent Design theory and progressive creationism, I won’t try to explicate the difference; I’m not clear on it myself and will let someone else start another thread for a discussion of that, if desired. According to Wikipedia:

The attempt to provide scientific support to the biblical creation story is called creation science. The four leading systematic approaches to divine creationism are young earth creationism, old earth creationism, intelligent design, and evolutionary creationism. The general consensus of the scientific community is that creation science is not scientific. It fails to qualify as a science because it lacks empirical support, supplies no tentative hypotheses, and resolves to describe natural history in terms of scientifically untestable supernatural causes. (link to Wikipedia quote)

It stands to reason that each of these four approaches considers itself to be genuinely based on the Bible as God intended for His Word to be understood. It also stands to reason that in each interpretation of the Bible, the age of the human race is determined according to the reckoning of that interpretation. Obviously, old earth creationism differs drastically in time frame from young earth creationism. That being the case, I will let you—the questioner—decide how to determine the age of the human race by taking only the Bible as reference.


Hi Sarah, in addition to YEC and ID, you might also like to mention that there are also many Christians like Hugh Ross and his Reasons to Believe organisation that believe in a 13.7 billion year old universe but do not believe in Evolution. In their case, they believe in a progressive creation model over the Billions of years.

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