Secular Christmas Dinner

Sarah Bowman

Sarah Bowman, Atheist, Ex-Christian, Secular Humanist, non-religious, just your average human

I’m not a Christian but Christmas is the traditional time in our culture for families and friends to gather for family dinners. I was at two family dinners, one with a Christian, the other with a mixed group of family and friends. I don’t know if there were Christians in the group or not. The point was being together and having a pleasant time. We had a nice tree up with presents. Also had a menorah, unlit while I was there.

Did we celebrate Christmas? I’m not sure. We clinked glasses to a prosperous 2017. Two of us lack believe in God or gods. Two or more are Jewish. I didn’t hear the word Christmas. We discussed some Jewish rituals, rehashed memories of times past. The seventy-year-old males talked about the college courses they took that they never expected to get any use from. The daughter of one old man told hilarious tales of learning to bake. Her mother and former babysitter reminisced of days long past. My dog feasted on the crumbs.


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