Restless Nights: 6 month old pup

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, trained my problem rescue dog for safe walking in crowded public spaces

That’s a very good question in a much as you need your sleep. Let’s start with some basics:

  • What breed is he? Some breeds are naturally more active, have more stored-up energy, than others. My terrier mix is one of these. Other breeds naturally love nothing better than to lie at the door or owner’s feet and sleep all day, then go to bed and sleep all night. I forget which breed that is.
  • How much do you walk your dog each day? A high-energy dog may need at least two hours of brisk walking per day, if not all at one stretch, then an hour in the morning before work and an hour at night after work. More if possible.
  • A tired dog is a good dog. I forget who told me that but I find there’s a lot of truth in it.

Another possibility is that your dog has some physical ailment that makes him uncomfortable and causes the restlessness. For a diagnoses, a vet must examine him.

Here’s to a good night’s sleep for both of you.


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