Training Strays vs Foreign Dogs

For example, a dog that has been trained by a foreigner for 2 years and follows different commands than usual or a two-year old stray dog.

Sarah Bowman
Sarah Bowman, trained my problem rescue dog for safe walking in crowded public spaces

I can only speak of my experience with my own dog. I trained her the basic commands required to live with me and walk in public spaces downtown. One summer I was sick and had to ask neighbours and friends to exercise her. These friends and neighbours speak a different language and are of a different culture than I. I briefed them on the dog’s habits and training and they went walking. Everything turned out just fine despite the different spoken commands and body language or mannerisms.

I also have experience with cows and horses.

Breaking in or training a wild or stray animal from scratch is very difficult, especially if the animal is an adult. For a new owner to work with an already-trained animal in another language seems not to be as big a deal. Please note that changing owners is of itself a big deal. But on top of that, human spoken language seems not to matter as much to an animal as attitude and tone of voice.


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