Americans Washing Ashore in Canada, August/2016: Trump Pre-Veiw?

Reported in the Waterloo Region Record Aug 22, 2016 by Laura Beeston.

 An American invasion of 1500 drunks washed ashore on Sunday.

“Is this what’s going to happen when Trump gets elected?” wondered the mayor of Sarnia where it happened.

Apparently every summer there’s a huge party on the St. Clair River called the Port Huron Float Down.

[S]aid Peter Garapick, a Superintendent of Search and Rescue with the Canadian Coast Guard, who was on hand Sunday to help get the Americans out of the water….”They get in blow up toys with a cooler of alcohol, no sunscreen, water, dry clothing or ID…”

The St. Clair River flows south along the US/Canadian international border between Michigan and Ontario.

“The first thing I thought was that this is exactly what will happen when Donald Trump will be elected: It’s good practice,” joked Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley, who watched the incident unfold from his waterfront property.

“This could be the start of many people trying to cross the border into Canada …”

It was. According to CTV News Canada, on Tuesday November 8 2016, when the election results started rolling in around 8:00 pm EST “Canada’s immigration website crashes on election night.” The videos must be viewed from the CTV link above.


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