Workshops on Fiction

Sarah Bowman

Sarah Bowman, attended workshops, writing groups, read & write constantly, novel-in-progress

The workshops I attended described what would be covered in each session so that potential attendees could choose the session best suited to their needs. The length of the workshop determines to some degree how many topics can be covered and what type of format will be used. The workshops I attended were usually from ninety minutes to two hours with attendees seated in rows or around a table listening to a speaker who had a specific topic and agenda. Questions and answers were part of it.

Topics covered included: developing characters, dialogue, action, scene setting, plotting, literary agents, query letters, and publishing. I may have missed one or two but those are some of the main items most books and articles on writing cover in some format or other. In the workshops I attended, the organizer brought in professionals like a published author or literary agent to speak about their craft and/or work. One speaker was a successful self-published author from across the continent who attended via video. Seated around the table in the public library conference room, we were able to see him, hear his speech and ask questions, which he answered.

In another workshop we wrote very short stories and read them aloud to the class for feedback. I forget what the lesson of that class was. All of these workshops occurred in one-evening segments over the course of several years but could conceivable occur in one weekend seminar/workshop.


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