Tired Puppy

Sarah Bowman

Sarah Bowman, trained my problem rescue dog for safe walking in crowded public spaces


I agree with Katie Bjorkman. The sessions may be too long and stressful. The articles I’ve read on dog-training emphasize not over-doing it because a puppy’s attention span is only about five minutes. Just now I found an article you might enjoy—it addresses many different aspects of bringing home your puppy and the surprises that go along with raising a puppy, including short attention span. Presenting IS MY PUPPY CRAZY? A SHORT GUIDE TO PUPPY BEHAVIOR.

Another website I recommend to most inquiries about dog-related issues is professional dog-trainer Cesar Milan’s Cesar’s Way. If you have a TV you may have seen his program Dog Whisperer. Through DVDs of his program I got control of my dog. I doubt there’s a dog problem he hasn’t seen. A favourite of mine was the adult male working dog that handlers used to find bombs (or something in loud violent situations) so that with time the dog lost his own sense of self and motivation to work. I loved the scene of Cesar sitting on a step with the war-weary adult male dog on one side of him and safely protected in his other hand a newborn pup still smelling of its mother’s body and birth fluids. To help the big dog remember who he is, Cesar let him sniff the newborn for a few seconds, just long enough to perk the memory of his own birth. It worked and the working dog recovered.

That’s just the sensitive kind of dog-guy Cesar Milan is. Maybe he’s got a tip for motivating your puppy, and how you can pace training to fit your puppy’s needs.


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