The God Question & Scientific Proof

If we don’t accept a god without scientific proof, why do we accept being gay or transgender without scientific proof?

What I meant is being gay or transgender is observable, but is there measurable science that prove they’re biological factors? This is not to prompt offensive discussion in any way, and there may be proof that I’m not aware of, which is why I ask. I want to be truthful more than I want to be right.

Sarah Bowman

Sarah Bowman, Secular Humanist: studied theology, social work, some philosophy, anthropology

Extensive double-blind tests for the effectiveness of prayer are either inconclusive or negative. However, tests show that certain parts of the brain light up when individuals are praying or thinking of God but that only proves that the person is thinking of God; it does not prove that God actually exists. No tests or studies exist to my knowledge that prove God’s existence. It is, however, possible to bring on the “god” feeling with electrical current applied to certain parts of the brain.

Okay, I found newer information than I had seen before, an article from around 2009.

QUOTE: “Our research indicates that our only way of comprehending God, asking questions about God, and experiencing God is through the brain,” Newberg explains in an essay on his website. “Whether or not God exists out there is something that neuroscience cannot answer.” FROM Your Brain on God

The entire article is worth reading for persons interested in “scientific evidence” for/against God. Because, it seems to me, that is what this question is really about.

EDIT: This question has since been deleted on Quora but I’m posting my answer especially for the link to the article on neuroscience.


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