Sleep Paralysis & Alien Abductions

Sarah Bowman

Sarah Bowman, Secular Humanist: studied theology, social work, some philosophy, anthropology

Alien abduction is, in my opinion, are paranormal experience. Humans have always had tendencies toward the paranormal or supernatural, believing they saw or heard entities other than the everyday here and now. Maybe it was a fleeing object from the corner of one’s eye in the fog or deep dusk just before dark while rowing in a boat on the sea near an island. Or maybe it happens between waking and sleeping in one’s bed. Science fiction and fantasy takes advantage of these “not quite there” moments of our brain, encouraging beliefs in the paranormal. Some think sleep paralysis occurs between waking and sleeping when muscles are slack, speech and movement are impossible for a few seconds or minutes.

On the internet one can find images where so-called aliens are caught on camera. But I question whether it’s actual aliens or just vague and distorted or blurred images of ordinary things. Depending how light and shadow falls on the most ordinary household or office objects, with the camera a person can make them appear as aliens. I know. All you have to do is cut and white out the relevant parts of a photo, leaving only an eerie unearthly skeleton or shape for the viewer. Ergo, you’ve got a so-called alien on camera.

Due to these natural explanations for aliens and alien abductions I don’t believe they actually exist, though I know some dreams and half-waking experiences can feel very scary and leave you shaken for hours.


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