Seek Critique

Sarah Bowman

Sarah Bowman, attended workshops, writing groups, read & write constantly, novel-in-progress

I know what you mean. Can you get involved with a writing group, either online or with friends or others in your community who are likewise struggling to learn the craft of writing? Writer’s Digest Forums may be a good place to start. Critiquing each other’s work without ripping each other to pieces is a valuable part of learning to write. Also read, read, and then read some more, preferably in the genre you want to write, being aware of the way the authors put together words and ideas. But all the while keep writing, trying to improve your articulation for crisp, clear descriptions or word pictures.

Looking at your question I can tell that you also need some help with grammar. You don’t know the difference between “your” possessive for “your question” and “you’re” contraction for “you are.” A classic grammar book is Elements of Style by William Strunk and E.B. White, originally published about 1916. There are updated versions available, including a Kindle. Explore which version is best for you.

Another resource is Here are a few quote from their website:

  • To become an accomplished writer, you must know all about these eight parts of speech.
  • Top writers have a highly developed command of the English language.

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