On being a Christian in College

Sarah Bowman

Sarah Bowman, studied Social Development Studies at Renison University College (2003)

Most likely it depends on what you mean by “hiding your faith.” Some Christians think they are not living their faith unless they are openly evangelizing. It is disruptive and annoying to people in general if they have to listen to someone else constantly talking about their life philosophy. Everyone thinks their own is the best. Everyone thinks the world would be a better place if only all other people would “believe as I do.” No matter if the beliefs are communist, liberal, conservative, secular humanist, Muslim, Aboriginal, the list goes on. I want some peace and quiet to think my own thoughts, to just enjoy the day or my friends. I’m sure most people are like that. There is no one in the world who is ignorant of Jesus. People have heard so much about Jesus and about the people who talk nothing but Jesus that they try to steer clear of that kind of person.

But you can be a fervent Christian and do well at a top college. Just keep your beliefs to yourself while in public and let your values guide your behaviour and your interaction with others like a light. Be kind, be tolerant, treat other like you want to be treated (by respecting their mental and physical space and right to believe as they see fit), be patient and don’t get upset when things don’t go your way. In other words, be a decent human being. Find people who share your beliefs. In gathering with them, pray, express your beliefs and worshipful feelings.


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