Led by the Facts

Sarah Bowman

Sarah Bowman, Secular Humanist, atheist, studied theology, social work, some philosophy, anthropology

I am an atheist, still waiting for evidence of God’s existence. As the years pass and every Christian who engages me in discussion comes up short in answering critical questions, I become more and more skeptical that the evidence exists for God’s existence.

Many atheists say it is impossible to disprove God’s existence but I think I have tested with the scientific method all the things that humans have ever called God. I studied not only the Christian religion and other major World Religions, but also many so-called primitive religions of tribes in the jungles of Africa, the Pacific Islands, Inuits of the Arctic, Ojibwa near Lake Huron in 1920s, Yanomamo of the Amazon, the list goes on. One thing all have in common is a Divine Authority which is given supernatural status by adherents, and attributed supernatural acts such as miracles. While we cannot directly investigate the gods, we can investigate the acts.

I believe that if something is supernatural it is above natural explanation. Yet all phenomenon that humans have ever thought was supernatural has been found to have natural explanations. Humans may not yet have quite unravelled the mysteries of the origins of life and the universe but they are getting close. Since there are so many natural answers for what humans used to class as supernatural, I believe it can be taken as evidence that the supernatural realm does not exist.

And if the supernatural realm does not exist, then there can be no God or Divine Authority of any type or name.

That is my position. You asked for proof of God. When I asked a senior professor, a devout Christian, in the Religion Studies Department at my university, he admitted that there is no proof for God. When a New Testament prof in the same university, also a devout Christian, laid out the evidence for the existence of a historical Jesus it was mighty slim. I realized that if the arguments in my academic papers were no better than the argument he presented for the historical Jesus, he would give me a low grade.

Those are some of the reasons I am an Ex-Christian, a former Christian, and no longer believe in God. If you want proof of God, ask a staunch Christian. Maybe you will gets answers that satisfy you.


3 thoughts on “Led by the Facts

  1. While I won’t argue you with you on the merits of faith in God, I will say that you’re on the academic fringe if you don’t believe in the historical Jesus; he certainly existed. His divinity, of course, is something you might disagree with reasonably, but his existence is not.


    1. I know I’m on the academic fringe but that does not negate the paucity of evidence for a historical Jesus that my professor or other Christians (including you) have presented me.


      1. It used to be that not believing in Moses put you on the academic fringe. Now it is mainstream for scholars of all religious faiths that Moses and the other patriarchs were not historical figures.

        We have more evidence for an historical John the Baptist, a guy without magic superpowers, than we do for Jesus a guy who raised the dead, or fed 5,000 people.

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