Islam Attracts Girl

My mom was born catholic and I was born catholic but I want to be muslim. She saw me reading the quran and i told her i want to convert. She got mad at me because of the sharia law and how it is violent and stones women. I need help.

Sarah Bowman

Sarah Bowman, studied Social Development Studies at Renison University College (2003)


You don’t tell us how old you are. Generally children under the age of 18 living under their parents’ roof are obligated to obey their parents so long as it does not violate the law. If you are over 18 and able to financially support yourself, find your own apartment so that you can research what life philosophy/religion best fits you and live as your conscience leads you. However, you may want to be careful not to burn bridges with your mother; the time may come that you need a close relative.

Also, be aware that converting to another religion is a very serious step because it involves a totally different outlook on self, God, and the universe. This means you will have to learn a completely new way of relating and thinking. You will have to think differently about yourself, about others, and about life itself. While there are some basic common tenets between Roman Catholicism and some forms of Islam, they are two different cultures. Ideally, before you make the final decision, you will talk to someone who has successfully converted for at least five or ten years.


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