Housebreaking 10 Month Old Pup

Also, how do I let him know this is bad? For when I find it hours after he’s done it and when I catch him in the act.

Sarah Bowman

Sarah Bowman, trained my problem rescue dog for safe walking in crowded public spaces

That dog desperately needs to be house broken. It should have happened eight or nine months ago but there’s got to be a way to do it now. There’s not much you can do about old turds you find but make sure to catch him in the act every time. Grab him by the collar right in the middle of the act and take him outside. I hope you don’t have steps or an elevator. If you do, you may have to start with a newspaper or pad by your front door. Make him go there. Once he learns to go there every time, and once you know how to read his signs, stop him before he starts pooping on the pad and take him out. At ten months I am sure he can hold it for another five or ten minutes. He will be uncomfortable but nobody’s ever died of a slight discomfort; it will help him remember next time to tell you that he needs to go.

Another trick: Take your dog out for a ten minute walk four times a day: first thing when you get up, last thing before you go to bed, twice in between. If you do that, he may do all of his business outside. If ten minutes isn’t long enough, walk until he does his business—all of it. You know how often he poops in a day so obviously you won’t walk for hours if he just pooped earlier in the day. Once he knows he gets this treat of outdoor walking, he may never want to do poop indoors anymore and the two of you may be able to settle into a routine. Out first thing when you get up, last thing before bed, and a nice long walk of an hour or two when you get home from school or work. Hopefully by then the bathroom trips will only take a few minutes.

For professional dog-trainer advice, look up Cesar Milan’s website Cesar’s Way. He may have posted something about house breaking dogs.


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