Depression May Be Symptom of Deeper Problem

I am in 10th grade and my grades are really bad which makes me depressed. I want to get them better but I don’t know how and I feel like gaming isn’t something I can’t really balance but I just love it and it makes easier to cope with depression. But grades>gaming.Should I stop gaming to study more?

Sarah Bowman

Sarah Bowman, former chain assembly worker at Walco, Elmira (1993-1999)

The short answer, as I’m sure you know (since you’re writing the question), is that if your low grades cause your depression then you should definitely do whatever it takes to improve your grades. If gaming causes the low grades, then of course you have to cut the gaming. But I suspect your depression is deeper than that. If it weren’t, if getting top grades supplied all the stamina you needed in life, you would never have turned to gaming.

So you might want to look at what is really causing your depression and deal with that. Or possibly you are one of those people who would like to have good grades to please a parent or get a great job or top university, but deep down you’re tired of school and need the extra stimulation of gaming. In that case, how about a compromise with yourself: cut back on the gaming in order to increase your study time and settle for good enough grades.

You know, I feel like I’m just writing into a void on a screen because I have no face to put with this. Is there anyone in your real life such as a guidance counsellor or teacher or parent or friend who knows you and what your life is really like who can help you? Some people do really well in study groups, though not everyone.


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