Benefits of Religion

I’m an agnostic atheist myself, and I agree there are plenty of harmful effects religion has caused throughout history; but, negativity aside, how do you believe religion has helped humanity? So often we get caught up bashing religion, perhaps we do not always consider the benefits.

Sarah Bowman

Sarah Bowman, Secular Humanist: studied theology, social work, some philosophy, anthropology

Thanks for clarifying your question, especially the part about getting caught up in bashing religion. That does not seem constructive, especially on forums like this. After ten years of atheism, I prefer to just see people as human beings and leave out the religion except for respectful discussion of ideas. I never tire of that.

Since you qualified your question, I think I can say this: The biggest benefit I can think of personally receiving from religion was community and learning about networking. I consider those to be very important skills that I automatically take with me. Group singing is another thing I loved about religion.

I believe if it weren’t for religion, humans would find something else to fill this need for community and group chanting or singing. In fact, some argue that sports does this.


One thought on “Benefits of Religion

  1. I posted recently that sport is my city’s religion, when there is a home game in the city we can certainly tell. There is much more of sporting following than a religious one and at least the fans get what they ask for, most of the time.


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